It all starts with you. Not a generic ‘you’ that is swallowed by all of the details of your wedding, but rather the real ‘you’ that has come to this point because you have been so moved by another.  We want to discover all of the little things that make you who you are. What excites you? what do you dream about? Of course the little details you put in to this day matter, but with out you and your story, we wouldn’t even be here.


While discovering all of these little things that make you who you are, we become inspired.  Inspired to tell not only ‘a story’ but to tell ‘your story’.  We take what we know on the technical side of filming and editing and present a story that is unique and real to you.


When you look back at your wedding film, you get to experience the best day of your life all over again.  Hear the voice of the one you love most from that day.  Feel and see the ambience.  See all the little details in movement.  You get thrown back in to all the feelings and nerves that you felt that very day.

Behind the Camera

We are Jay and Chelsea and we have a passion to create beautiful captivating films for others.  We get great joy out of giving others something visual that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. We focus purely on the personality of the people we work with.  Everyone is different and unique in their own way and we want to highlight that.  No wedding and no event are ever the same.  No detail is too small and no idea is too big.  The films we create are for you and what you dream of.

As you work with us, you’ll find that we are fun, goofy, energetic and enthusiastic people.  We love to stay active and enjoy life.  We are crazy about our dogs and cats as well as crazy about each other.

Here are some random/unnecessary facts about us:  Chelsea can out water ski anyone!  Jay plays the 6 string, Chelsea loves to dirt bike, Jay loves to longboard.  Jay can get a little obsessed with working out, Chelsea can get a little obsessed with salads… yes salads.  We have two labradoodles and one pitbull/ridgeback mix! They are the clumsiest, funniest, best dogs ever.  We love to travel and see new places, especially if there is a beach there.  We love to film and love to share our creativity with everyone. We use professional equipment for every project we work on.  From Canon DSLR’s to wireless mics and more, we provide high quality, HD footage all in a cinematic style that captures the eye.

We are based out of Arizona but travel all across the nation!  This year we are traveling to California, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, and Vermont.


Wedding Film

Wedding Film

If you haven't noticed yet... We LOVE to film weddings! While attempting to be ninjas we do our best to stay invisible through out your day documenting raw emotion and feeling. Our minimum package begins at $2,999 for Elopements and $3,899 for Weddings. We travel nationwide! Email us for pricing and packages!

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

We've all heard the phrase, "a picture says a thousand words". Which is true... However we want your pictures to say millions upon millions of words! While shooting in an artistic and creative way, we try and capture what is real and freeze it in time for you. Our minimum package starts at $3,999



Whether it is a product, a song, an idea, or even a pet... We believe that everything and everyone has a story. A well done film or video grabs the attention of your audience in a powerful way. Your price will be determined on specific details of your project (for example: location, length, sound recording, etc...). Cost averages between $2,500 - $40,000

Personal / Lifestyle

Personal / Lifestyle

Maybe your story doesn't quite fit into a category. But that doesn't change the fact that you have a vision for what you want people to see! Whether a family session, a wanna be viral video enthusiast, or someone just looking to make a rad video, we can want to help cast that vision and share it with the world!

Q & A

Do You Travel?

You bet we do! …In fact, we LOVE to travel for weddings.  In fact, we are filming weddings in California, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont, Oregon, and New York this year!

Can We Meet You?

We’d love to! Lets grab a cup of coffee. If you’re not local, we’ll make a time to chat over the phone or even video chat! We pride ourselves in creating films that are unique to your story and your personalities so getting to know you is important and frankly, quite fun!

Will you tell us what to do, how to act, or direct us on our wedding day?

In short, no! If you’re hiring us, its because you appreciate the genuine emotion and documented moments in our films. There is no need for us to recreate scenes. Trust us, there is PLENTY of raw beauty and emotion on your wedding day to create a cinematic film! That said, the quality of our films also depends on good light, so if you’re getting dressed in the dark, we may ask you to move to a lighter area of the room, open the blinds, etc.

Do We Need to Feed You?

We work better with food in our stomachs, so for events more than 6 hours, we hope you’ll provide a vendor meal for each of us!

Ok, We Really Want to Book You! Now What?

Once you’ve determined we’re a good fit, we require s small deposit, which will reserve your wedding date. The remaining balance is due 1 week prior to your wedding. Once we receive the deposit, we’ll create and email a Filming Agreement. It will outline all of the nitty gritty! You can return the signed agreement either by email or snail mail.  Whichever is easiest for you!

When Will I Get My Wedding DVDs?

We’ll start editing your footage right away. We usually have your wedding trailer ready in about 4-12 days after your wedding day! We’ll deliver the DVD with your Wedding Feature Film and any additional films in about 6 months after your wedding day in a hand crafted (made by Chelsea) package delivered to your door step.

Can I Have the Raw Footage?

Sorry, we don’t provide the raw footage. Its probably the one thing we’re not really flexible on, either. We believe our clients are hiring us to make an artful film of their wedding day, and trust me, we shoot in very short clips, so we’re using tons of footage to produce your wedding films. In other words, you’re not going to miss a thing! Raw footage has not been color corrected (we actually shoot with a picture style that is very flat to retain as much information as possible) and then color grade this footage in the final films. Raw footage has not been edited down to remove camera movement or to enhance audio quality, etc. If you were to watch our raw footage (or show it to your friends or family) you would be getting a completely different idea of Everly Films than when you watch our finished films online or DVD.

Where Does the Name "Everly" Come From?

We get asked this all the time.  Some think it is our last name, a child or family member name, a combination of another name, and so on and so on.  We came up with our name while driving to California.  It kind of has a couple of meanings.  But in the end, Everly (to us) is all about you.  Whether its Happily Ever After, Forever in Love, or creativity… we do Everly for you!

What is a Feature Film?


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